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 What is a Parish Mission?

A Parish Mission is special time in a parish community when the community gathers together to gain further insight into a faith filled life. It is a time for grace and renewal of the parish through services and talks filled with stories, examples and meaning.

Why a "Year of Mercy" Mission?

As you know, Pope Francis has declared this year to be a "Jubilee of Mercy". In his "Bull of Indiction", Misericordiae Vultus (The Face of Mercy), he says

"At times we are called to gaze even more attentively on mercy so that we may become a more effective sign of the Father’s action in our lives. For this reason I have proclaimed an Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy as a special time for the Church, a time when the witness of believers might grow stronger and more effective."

The Year of Mercy Mission, therfore, allows us a Parish the opportunity to do just that - gaze more attentively on mercy.The Mission will be preached by the Provincial of the Redemptorists in South Africa, Fr Larry Kaufmann CSsr, and will follow these themes: 

  • Monday: Jesus Christ is the face of the Father’s mercy (Pope Francis)
  • Tuesday: Healing as an experience of God’s mercy
  • Wednesday: Penance and forgiveness as an experience of God’s mercy
  • Thursday: The Eucharist as a celebration of God’s mercy.

The Mission will open with Mass at St Francis of Assisi at 09h30 on Sunday 24th, followed by a brief meeting with the PPC and other Parish leaders - all leaders and members of groups and ministries in the Parish are invited to attend this meeting.This will then be followed by a Bring & Braai in back garden at St Francis of Assisi.
There will be Daily Masses at St Francis of Assisi (08h00) and St Clare of Assisi (10h30). After these masses, there will be opportunities for Parishioners to engage in informal or private (by appointment) chats with Fr Larry. Confessions are availabe every evening after the services (except for the evening of the Provincial workshop).

Who is Fr Larry Kaufmann CSsR?

Fr. Larry Kaufmann (right) is the current Provincial for the Redemptorist Province of South Africa as well as being a noted moral theologian and the author of a number of books. However, as a Redemptorist, Fr. Larry is also active in the preaching of parish missions throughout South Africa.

Mission Costs

As you will appreciate, it costs a great deal to hold a Parish Mission such as this - Fr Larry's travel, accommodation and other expenses need to be met - and we are asking you to exercise you renowned generosity in support of this Mission. Envelopes will be available at Masses at both venues on Sunday 10th and 17th respectively. Alternatively you can deposit a donation into the Parish bank account: First National Bank, Acc Name: Catholic Church; Branch Code: 210515; Account No: 52541433000. Make sure you place the following in the reference line: Your Name + "Parish Mission".

God Bless you all.

Fr Paul

Please see the attached leaflet for details, as well as the Mission Prayer. Theses details also appear on our website:

A Visit to Kouga from the "Clean Water Missionary" from Texas!

image bcc8b2b825732155091c135a6b686de846755f331f8464ba6ad367f97e375792 VOn January 6th this year I received the following email from Hayley Jenkins, a 28-year-old marketing and advertising professional living in Dallas, Texas.  

Hello to the Kouga Catholic Communities,

My name is Hayley Jenkins and I am reaching out in hopes you may be able to help me. I am working on planning my own "mission" trip while in South Africa in early February. I will be in Cape Town for a wedding from January 31st - February 9th and then Jeffrey's Bay from the 9th to 17th. During my stay in Jeffreys Bay, I want to spend a bit of time doing what I can to help provide less fortunate communities with clean drinking water via water filters. Each filter provides clean water to 100 people, and I will be carrying a total of 5 (so 500 people helped). However, I am not quite sure with whom I should speak to about it. I am fundraising with Waves for Water ( Basically, they have given me a means to raise money to cover the costs of the water filters (which they will send to me) and then it is up to me to transport and install the water filters in (selected community/communities.

Therefore, I have a couple of questions for you (as I was unsure where exactly to start):

Do you have an idea of some (safer) communities that lie outside of Jeffrey's Bay that are in need of clean drinking water (I will have access to a car while in Jeffrey's Bay)?

And I would love to work with your Parish on this... Is there someone in particular I can reach out to in order to coordinate such a mission? I will most likely be traveling with just one other individual, so any resources/contacts to help me and/or accompany me would be extremely helpful and comforting!

Any help that you could provide would be SO greatly appreciated, even if it is just forwarding my email along!

Thanks for your time and consideration, and I hope to work with your Parish on this mission.
Hayley Jenkins
Dallas, Texas

I forwarded this email to Dick Carter of the Jeffreys Bay Care Group, and Lyndon Muller of SVdP in Humansdorp. Dick followed up, and in due course met with Hayley when she arrived in Jeffreys Bay, and together they planned the "Kouga Clean Water Mission". It was decided that the filters would be most effectively used in the rural areas, and two farm schools in the Rocklands area were chosen, These were Rocklands Farm School, a  Junior and Senior School with an estimated 500 pupils, and Ankervas Primary School also at Rocklands.

Filters were also given to Lyndon, who will be installing them at soup kitchens in the Humansdorp area.

Here is the story in Hayley's own words, following her departure:

20160211 112027I am 28 years old and am a marketing & advertising professional living in Dallas, Texas. I am currently between jobs and have therefore had a bit of time to research getting more involved in community outreach programs and volunteer organizations. I volunteer for the Humane Society, but want to broaden the reach/impact I can have on society. So several months ago I started looking into ways I could use my trip to South Africa to get started on this endeavour. I was already planning on going for a friend's wedding in Cape Town and then to visit a friend in Patensie/Jeffreys Bay. So I did a bit of research and came across Waves for Water. I thought that it was a wonderful idea: pack some lightweight filters into your luggage (for a trip you are already planning/have already planned) and coordinate with someone in the city/country to take them to those in need. It was the least I thought I could do! So I started a fundraising page and petitioned my family and friends for help. Luckily, I raised the money just in time to receive the filters and pack them into my bags for South Africa!

Once I was in Jeffreys Bay, I was warmly greated by Dick who was just as water as I to get the filters distributed. We drove from location to location and instructed the caretakers on how to use and wash the filters. My only hope is that the filters are put to good use. In retrospect, I wish we had quite a bit more time to sit down and really educate the schools we visited on the importance of clean drinking water. The filters (Sawyer filters) remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, which is remarkable! And if used properly, they will supply many hundreds of children with clean water for years!

I couldn't have completed this personal mission without the help from the Kouga Catholic Community, and in particular Dick Carter from The Jeffreys Bay Care Group. Frank Nunan was so great as to forward my initial email on to Dick, who then helped coordinate all of the filter deliveries while I was in Jeffreys Bay. We had a great time and heard so many appreciative words - it was well worth the work put into it. The whole process was a first for me, but it will absolutely not be the last!

Thank you again for the opportunity and I wish you all the best,

Hayley Jenkins - Dallas, Texas.

Our thanks to Hayley for this wondeful Outreach Opportunity, and to Dick Carter for taking up Hayley's invitation to make a difference and and following through so effectively.

Hayley, we wish you every success in the future with your "Clean Water Mission", and if you are ever in this area again, we would love to see you and introduce you to the Communiity!

The pictures show Hayley handing over a filter to members of staff at the Rocklands Farm School, and Hayley and Dick with Louis Schmidt at Ankervas.

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